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Our promise of making work better by enriching lives and reducing harm is evident in how we work with our clients.  We take an evidence based approach in the work that we do.  We build bespoke evaluation strategies for all the major initiatives we partner on.  We provide an extraordinary experience in the way that we work.  We challenge ourselves and our clients to ask and answer the questions.


Client testimonials

  • Instrumental in the launch of our new company purpose and the subsequent embedding activities that followed, Phil brought emotion into Boots in a way that helped our leaders fundamentally understand not just the theory, but the ways in which they could apply and use it everyday. Using a range of visual, presentation and auditory engagement and facilitation techniques, Phil was able to provide us with a toolkit of scalable resources that started to address our colleagues as 'whole' individuals, enticing us to bring emotion into conversation and focus on true wellbeing. We explored the impact of not being and being present, the true value of creating time to think and the practice of 'noticing more'. The way in which Phil led this piece of work is atypical to the consultancy norm. Blending his expertise with a totally inclusive style, he took the L&D team and exec with him on the journey and enhanced the intrinsic capability of those he worked most closely with, to ensure the project thrived and evolved at the end of his tenure.

    Kim Brosnan Talent & Leadership, Boots Opticians
  • My experience was extremely positive and when we began I was aware I had some shortcomings and knew there were some areas I wanted to work on.  These included interactions with others, managing and leading people and helping myself be as effective as possible. Phil and I worked together over a six-month period and I have seen a great deal of changes.  I feel I have matured, I am more level headed and give much more though to how my actions will affect others.  I am far calmer and this has been noticed by everyone I work with and how others perceive me and my actions.  There certainly where some red buttons and when pressed I’d react strongly.  Through working with Phil, I have a much heightened awareness of these areas and I find I am now much better at dealing with these sorts of situations. Before having the coaching sessions with Phil, I was quite set in my ways. I would arrive for our session with the approach that I was right, I knew best and that was that really.  When we finished our sessions, I would have a completely different view.  I work in a very high pressured environment and there are extremely high expectations and Phil’s approach meant I was and am much better prepared to succeed in my role. I have a far happier working life and this means I can take a step back and I feel like I am respected more by the people I work with.  All of this has contributed to two significant measures of improvement for me.  One of those is that my colleagues now approach and describe me in a completely different way to before.  Secondly, working with Phil has been a huge factor in helping me be considered for and achieve my recent promotion.

    David Curry Director of Corporate, HW Wood
  • I have worked with Phil on a number of occasions, both for my own personal development and for the development of other people within my team. Phil always makes learning very interesting and very relevant. He has the ability to make you focus on what is really important, to ensure that you understand what your real objectives are and how you can achieve what you set out to do. I am happy to recommend Phil to anyone who wishes to improve their effectiveness.

    Tracy Keep East Midlands Client Manager, Arthur J Gallagher
  • We started working with Phil when we wanted to operationalise our company purpose through our people processes and practices.  We needed Phil to support us with working out where the purpose needed to be operationalised and how it needed to be.  A big shift was and still is needed in the way Boots Opticians worked as change like this takes time.  What working with Phil did was to set us on the journey and to give us the right beginning. Phil worked with us over a period of 14 months and we saw changes and impact in the results and the work done.  However, the biggest impact was on the development of the HR function themselves.  What Phil did was develop the capability of the function and the people within it (including me), to go on their own development journey.  To truly live and breathe that purpose and have everything they say and do filtering through the purpose.  The support that Phil gave me has been invaluable in building my function and created a legacy where they are truly leading the change in their respective areas of the business. As well as supporting and creating a legacy in the function, Phil has had a wider impact.  For example, his coaching with senior leaders and helping them with their thinking and alignment with their personal purpose.  His work developing the top 50 leaders of our business so that they are confident and aligned with working in a purpose led way.   He has been instrumental in several organisational development aspects including; performance management, talent assessment and development and culture development.  Without doubt, Phil’s work contributed towards the company hitting its targets and the company’s top 50 leaders being the most engaged across the whole Boots business. The thing about Phil is he works in a true partnership way.  Our relationship has been honest, trusting, challenging and we often debate and disagree with each other, which has been brilliant.  Ultimately what Phil has brought was wholeheartedly aligned with what the business was trying to achieve.  Working with an external consultant in that way has been unusual and hugely rewarding. I would use Phil to bring his ability to understand an organisation, its culture, its behaviours, where it wants to go and to help plan to bridge the gap.  I’d seek his support in coaching and stretching thinking.  If I was worried that we weren’t thinking big enough then I’d use Phil to spar with to help shake, shape and crystallise thinking.   If an organisation is trying to enact change, wants results and needs help with people, emotions and culture, then Phil is the person to ring.

    Jen Lawrence HR Director Boots Opticians
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