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Blog - Emotions; the antithesis of soft & fluffy


I was talking to someone recently and they asked me that often dreaded question of “so what do you do then?”

Blog - The tangible power of appreciation


I sit here debating the following conundrum:

If it feels great to appreciate other people (and things) and it feels great to be appreciated why on earth do we do it so little?

Blog - HR; the fear filled profession?

At the end of January I was lucky enough to be able to attend the L&D Connect unconference in London. One of the questions we debated was; ‘what is and should be bothering L&D?’. Within this post, I am also suggesting that this should be bothering our wider profession, HR.

Emotion At Work – our FIRST EVER podcast


This podcast is about sharing ideas, insights, research and experiences around emotion in the workplace.  Here we explore the breadth and depth of emotions so listeners can use what we discuss to help enrich lives or help protect from or reduce harm.  We focus on the roles #emotion #credibility and #deception play in the workplace.

Episode 2 – Emotional Inauthenticity, burnout and coping mechanisms


In this episode we talk with SJ Lennie who is a DI at Greater Manchester Police who is taking a sabbitcal to complete her PHd at Manchester Metropolitan University.  Her area of research, emotional inauthenticity and the psychological impact of emotional labour of police officers.

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