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Enriching lives and reducing harm
Enriching lives and reducing harm
Enriching lives and reducing harm
Enriching lives and reducing harm

We promise to make work better for everyone by placing emotion where it belongs, at the heart of work. We take an evidence based approach combined with our knowledge, skills and determination to enrich the lives of others and reduce the risks of harm and malicious intent.


Clients ask us to help enrich lives of the people that work in their business.  We do this in a number of ways; diagnosing the emotional culture of the business, harnessing the latent power of emotion in the workforce and advising on how to focus on feelings for business benefit.  Contrastingly, we also help our clients protect their people and organisations from potential threats of harm that may be inside and outside the business.



We help our clients develop their people so they can enrich their own lives or the lives of those around them.  If you work with humans, you work with emotion.  We support leadership teams, customer facing colleagues and people managers who drive relationships, productivity and performance by harnessing emotion.  Working with humans can also have a risky side and clients will ask us to help their people be better able to get to the bottom of what others really think or feel.



To deliver our purpose, we commit to share current, evidence based and constructive research and experience to help make work better for everyone.  We run our own digital and face to face events, as well as speak or facilitate at other events.  We use a variety of media to spread the word far and wide.  If you want to keep yourself up-to-date, register for our newsletter.


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The support that Phil gave me has been invaluable in building my function and created a legacy where they are truly leading the change in their respective areas of the business…

Jen Lawrence
Boots Opticians

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